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Dear Visitor, We solicit your cooperation in our struggle for the delivery of justice to Dhangars at any level and in any form you may extend to us. We , by all our research , are posting all the genuine and authentic details of our glorious cultural and political history on this portal. Any contribution from you is welcome. We also invite you for positive comments so as that we can be enlightened with some more information.

You are welcome at the site of the Pra'nteeya Dhangar Maha'sabha' Uttar Pradesh, We are an organisation striving for an overall development of Dhangar (Shepherd) community basically in Uttar Pradesh and at large in entire India.

As you may be knowing that the Dhangar is the community which has got an excellent record of its cultural and political history throughout the world but specifically in India this community has gradually been marginalised from the mainstream of the society through the centuries and is now in the state of most backwardness.

None of the Indian Government after independence has paid any heed toward the miserable condition of this community. This community which has its roots in Indian soil even before the Aryans landed on this soil has been deprived from its basic rights of lively hood . Dhangars have been basically the pastoral tribes . They had been given the right of pasture lands since the invent of the first most constitution of this country framed by the great Manu in the form of Manusmriti. Even the Government of Independent India also has made provisions in its Constitution for grazing lands for the cattle breeders, but that has never been given to them, in fact, and has rather been kept in the possession and control of the Government itself which has through the years been given to industrialists for establishing industries, to developers for urbanisation, to forest ministry for reserve forests and sanctuaries and has been allotted for roads , highways etc. The Cattle grazers specially the Dhangars who can not carry on farm breeding of their small cattle like sheep and goats went without pastures and engaged in unskilled labour jobs. The Government did not make any arrangement or programme for the rehabilitation of Dhangars. The great visionary Dr. B.R.Ambedkar who himself has seen and was aware of the plight of this community, while making specific provisions of reservations for deprived communities in the constitution of India, included the Dhangars in the lists of either the Scheduled Castes or the Tribes but the successive government machineries played mischieves and blocked all the channels of reservations ment for them. This community totally illiterate and away from the mainstream society did not take notice of its rights. The Pra'nteeya Dhangar Maha'sabha' has taken the responsibility to get the rights delivered to the people belonging to Dhangar community.

We feel that our efforts will bring enthusiasm among our young generation. The history of Dhangars will make you feel proud and elated. Some, who may get inspired to make use of their energies for the welfare of the community, are welcome to join us in our struggle.

With all our regards,

We the Pra'nteeya Dhangar Maha'sabha'